One Hit Wonders: The Final Countdown (Book of Malachi)

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Malachi is The Final Countdown to the coming of Jesus. We at CBSM have had such an amazing time studying the Old Testament together. Its crazy to hear how our students thought about the Old Testament before the study, how they feel about it now, what their favorite sermon or series was, and how they summarize what they believe the Old Testament is all about. Malachi is a perfect and yet awkward ending to the OT. First, it is the perfect ending. Malachi lays out 6 major themes that all summarize the OT perfectly. Second, it is an awkward ending. In the days of Malachi, Israel thought God was finally bringing His kingdom to them and through them. They were back in the Promise Land, they had rebuild the temple, and the sacrifices were rolling again. But God wasn’t done! The priests were still corrupt. Religion was still dirty. And sin was still rampant. This book is incredible with how God lays out everything one more time what He had been teaching them and what was to come. Check it out!