One Hit Wonders: (Don’t Just) Jump Around (Book of Haggai)

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You’ll be shocked by the message of Haggai. God literally tells His people through Haggai that His temple in the Old Testament is more important than their homes, their jobs and careers, their food and drink, their finances, etc. How does that apply today since the OT temple no longer exists? We find in the NT that the OT is fulfilled first in Jesus, then the church, and third the body of the Christian. So what do we gather from that? Worshiping Jesus with His church as a Christian is not a priority in our lives…but it is THE priority! Check out this study.

One Hit Wonders: Got To Be Real (Book of Zephaniah)

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, etc:
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Zephaniah is a book all about the judgment of God. Zephaniah tells us how huge God’s judgment will be, the 5 types of people who will be judged, how to escape God’s judgment, and what Christians can look forward to after the Great Judgment. This book moves its readers from judgment, to solution, to eternal hope.