One Hit Wonders: I’m Gonna Be (Book of Micah)

Free resources for youth pastors and small group leaders:
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This Wednesday was our first back to school night. Two of our major school systems are back with classes, but two are still not yet. So, I’m doing a two part series on understanding who we are as CBSM and what all we do as a student ministry. This is the first sermon, and it just happens to fit perfectly within the book of Micah which teaches us four main things:
1. Who are WE really?
2. Who really is JESUS?
3. What does God WANT?
4. Who is God REALLY?
Our student building was packed! Our band was rockin! And the Word was preached! Definitely check out this study on the book of Micah, feel free to use it in your own youth ministry, and let God work it into your life!