Sermon Intro Video: The Book of Lamentations

Here is Andrew England’s creation of a sermon series intro video on the book of Lamentations. Lamentations is all about hope within disaster and devastation. It “just so happens” that God had it planned for us to study the book of Lamentations on our first Wednesday back from the fierce tornadoes that hit Alabama on April 27, 2011. So the video has tons of footage, stats, and information about the tornado damage on that unforgettable day.

Denae’s Tornado Testimony: Disaster to Hope

This is a testimony of one of our CBSM teens who went through the tragic EF-5 tornado on April 27, 2011 in Harvest, AL. Here, she tells her story of how she lost her home and her dad. Her hope in Christ is unbelievable!

Rock Bottom: The Book of Lamentations

Free downloads for youth pastors:
1 – Lamentations – Rock Bottom (mp3)
1 – Lamentations – Rock Bottom (handout).pdf
1 – Lamentations – Rock Bottom (ppt)
1 – Lamentations – Rock Bottom (outline).doc
1 – Lamentations – Rock Bottom (service).pdf
1 – Lamentations – Rock Bottom (small groups).doc

This was our first service in two weeks. The tornadoes hit us hard two weeks ago on April 27th. The area was devastated as many lost their homes and some lost their lives. I’m absolutely amazed (but not all that surprised) that God had the book of Lamentations next for our study. Get this…Lamentations is all about the destruction of a city. What?! God’s timing is just absolutely incredible, and His love to speak into our lives through His Word is astounding. I’ve found through my study that a biblical process of reacting and responding through tragedy is biblical mourning which leads to biblical lamenting, biblical lamenting leads to biblical hope, and biblical hope leads to biblical restoring. We don’t need any of this ridiculous psycho-babble that is anti-Bible. We need God’s Word itself to help us on our journey when hitting rock bottom. So put down the psychology books, turn off Oprah and Dr. Phil, open up your Bible, and listen to God from Lamentations. Its some sweet stuff! And by the way, biblical lamenting is not crying out at God or even to God, but biblical lamenting is crying out FOR God. Check it out…