LEGIT: Christians Persecuted for Jesus

As we were finishing up our series called “LEGIT” through the book of Isaiah, I came across this video. Because of its extreme content, I prayed and got counsel about whether or not to show it. The best counsel I received probably was “How can you NOT show it?” So be WARNED, this is strong, heavy, and extreme persecution for those who are LEGIT for Jesus!

LEGIT: Salvation in Christ Alone (Isaiah 52-53)

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The big question is: Are you a LEGIT Christian? The answer is: only if you truly are IN Christ. But why? What makes Jesus so special that He is the only way of salvation? Is that arrogant, narrow-minded, and intolerant for Christians to even say? When you take a look at Isaiah 52 – 53, it really all comes together. We see the person of Christ, the death of Christ, and the resurrection of Christ…which is the ONLY means possible that God could save sinners. Jesus death is not for our pity…but it is for His own glory, His Lordship, our faith, our sin, our punishment, and our salvation. Our reponse to Jesus’ bloody, gruesome, excruciating, and brutal death is not for us to feel so sorry for Him that we just follow Him out of obligation. Rather, we see the loving grace of God, the wrath of God against sin, the person of Jesus, our need for repentance, our call to faith, and our command to confess Jesus’ Lordship. Is your faith in Jesus so LEGIT that you would follow Him not matter might be thought toward you, said about you, or done to you? This entire message, I believe, is the single most defining and monumental challenge I’ve ever given our student ministry…to be LEGIT!

LEGIT: Salvation Through Faith (Isaiah 44)

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2 – Isaiah 44 – Faith (mp3)
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This is a must needed message for all teenagers…and all students period. I’ve heard before that “you just gotta have faith” to be a Christian. But when I asked that person what “faith” is or what that “faith” should be in…they literally could not answer me. I wonder how many Christians might say “You just gotta have faith in Jesus”. But again…what is FAITH? What is faith NOT? What does faith mean? What does faith look like? How much faith does it take to be saved? What must our faith be in specifically…in order to be saved? Did you know that a person can “believe” that Jesus is God, died for sin, rose from the dead, and that He’s the Lord of all life…and they NOT be saved? Did you know that a person can be repentant of their sin and want to live a changed life and not be truly saved? So then…what is biblical, saving faith? Have we missed it? Have we heard it? Are we teaching it? Do we have it? I would encourage you to take a look and listen at “LEGIT: Salvation Through Faith.”

LEGIT: Salvation by Grace

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1 – Isaiah 6 – Grace (mp3)
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1 – Isaiah 6 – Grace (outline).doc
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God absolutely blew us away with His power through His worship and Word as we studied all about His grace. Texts, emails, and facebook messages, were flowing in with questions and comments from students. This sermon was huge in their lives to understand salvation, the gospel, their fears and doubts, and the grace of God in their lives.