Storyline #56: 2 Samuel 19-24 “RADICAL: Service in the Kingdom”

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4 – 2 Sam 19-24 – Mighty Men (outline)

4 – 2 Sam 19-24 – Mighty Men (Scripture)

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We live in a teenage culture that is absolutely intrigued with “superheroism.”  A young kid who is terrorized by nocturnal-winged creatures becomes a man, dresses up in a black-rubber suit every day, has the oldest babysitter ever named Alfred, and uses his childhood fear to avenge his parents’ death by serving society through the ridding of evil.  The lamest nerd in high school gets bit by a spider and now protects the world from bad guys.  Four turtles are given super powers through sewer slime, and now with ninja tactics they stop harm in its very tracks.  These stories captivate the attention of teens today, and there is a very good reason why.  God has designed us to desire this!

2 Samuel 19 – 24 is all about how we need to be radical servants for our King.  This is a passage where we see real life superheroes who radically serve their king.  Continue reading

Storyline #55: 2 Samuel 11-18 “RELENTLESS: Righteousness in the Kingdom”

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I remember being over at a buddy’s house when I heard he and his brother whispering.  I heard my friend saying, “Don’t do it.  It’s not worth it.”  But his brother left, and my friend was left there hanging his head.  Apparently, not only was my buddy’s brother a state-wide, all-star athlete and a straight “A” student, but he also could have any girl he wanted.  What they were whispering about was that a female friend of his called and asked him to come over because she was lonely and her parents weren’t home.  

2 Samuel 11 is a very similar scene with King David.  Just after being included in God’s eternal covenant of His kingdom and winning many war victories, David goes out on his roof and looks over the kingdom God has given him.  He spots a woman bathing, and keeps checking her out.  He asks some dude who she is, and he tells David her name, her father’s name, and her husband’s name.  David sends someone to get her like a lonely teenage guy texting a girl he’s been thinking about.  This is an OT “booty call”! They had sex together and both committed adultery on their spouses.  She went home and told David soon thereafter that she was pregnant by him.  Notice David’s deep sin right after God covenants with him.  David had others help him in his sin.  David is in deep!   Continue reading

Storyline #54: 2 Samuel 7-10 “RELINQUISH: Covenant of the Kingdom”

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 2 – 2 Sam 7-10 – Covenant (mp3)

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2 – 2 Sam 7-10 – Covenant (service order)

            He looked absolutely dumbfounded at me when I asked him a simple question.  I remember witnessing to one of my friends about salvation in Christ, and he would tell me, “Chip, I’ve already got that.  My dad always taught me that you just got to have faith.”  So I simply asked him, “Chris, faith in what?  What is ‘just’ faith?”  He could not answer, and then his faith did not make much sense even to him.  Do you just have faith?

            As we take a look at 2 Samuel 7, my goal is for us to take a look at our own faith.  Do we understand salvation?  Are you truly saved?  What does it take to be saved?  Who is saved and who is not saved?  Do you share the full gospel of Christ with others?  Continue reading

Storyline #53: 2 Samuel 1-6 “SHAMELESS: Worship in the Kingdom”


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1 – 2 Sam 1-6 – Worship (fillout sheet)

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1 – 2 Sam 1-6 – Worship (outline)

1 – 2 Sam 1-6 – Worship (Scripture)

1 – 2 Sam 1-6 – Worship (service order)

2 Samuel 1 – 6 is a passage about personally praising God in public.  I’m so thankful for the church I grew up in.  It wasn’t as popular back then to have youth praise bands, but I do remember singing with my fellow teens to Jesus.  I remember returning to that church and worshipping Jesus in the student ministry with a soundtrack in the background.  Later I ended up interning at a church in Detroit that had an amazing worship band just for the teens and led by teens.  That experience really opened my eyes.  Then I began youth pastoring at a very small church where I began the teenage worship ministry under the leadership of Third Day and Jeremy Camp (CDs and an overhead projector).  Then we were so blessed to have 3 different guys (John, Jeff, and Jay) lead worship for us at 3 different times over the course of 3 years.  And now at my present church, I’m amazed at what God has blessed us with year after year with our teenage worship ministry.  God has given us drummers, singers, sax players, guitarists, keyboardists, etc.  The worship ministry here was one of the huge draws as to why I came.  I want that to continue as we grow in worshiping Christ personally and publically.  In fact, I wrote down about 10 things I wanted to address to my students in terms of worship, and it just so happened after studying this passage, it addresses all 10 biblically!   Continue reading