Does God have one soulmate picked out just for you?

One of the big questions that came up this last Sunday morning during a junior-senior girls small group discussion that I was a part of was…”Does God have one specific person picked out for you to marry, or should we just be focused on the type of person that God wants us to marry?”  What a provacative question for teeangers to already be thinking about and discussing.  I was so proud of the way my girls handled and answered the question…and how the adult leaders listened and offered biblical counsel to the girls.  Here’s my two cents on the question…

So does God have a specific person picked out who we’re supposed to find and marry, or does He want us to marry a specific type of person spelled out in Scripture?  In other words…am I looking for my soulmate or are there many who will fit into our marriage requirements? Continue reading

CBSM Middle School Girls ALL-NIGHTER: Amazing Grace

Attention 6th, 7th, 8th grade girls!! Come join the KTL girls THIS Friday, August 12th at 7pm, in the FLC for our first ever Girls All Nighter! We have an action packed night planned just for you! Awesome games, mega relays, scavenger hunt, Movie (Soul Surfer), the cutest t-shirt ever, worship, and amazing Bible study from the book of Ruth! Continue reading

Storyline #46: Ruth 4 “All the Single Guys: How to get your Ruth”

loveconnectionFree files for youth pastors:

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (Scripture)

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (mp3)

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (Service Order)

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (sermon outline)

The issue of God’s sovereignty can always be so confusing in premarital relationships.  Are singles supposed to sit back and wait on God to bring along the right person, or are we supposed to find them ourselves?  It can get real tricky late in the relationship when you’re trying to figure out if God wants you married or if you’ve made everything happen yourself.  Nevertheless, we desperately depend on His control! Continue reading

Ruth Series: Set and Staging

Ruth Set 3

More Ruth Set Pics in Powerpoint:

Ruth Set Pics (ppt)

Yeah, we were really impressed with how it all came out, too!  This is our set and stage for the book of Ruth.  I gotta give all the credit to our media guy Andrew and one of our college students Jacob.  Andrew designed and coordinated it all, and Jacob helped Andrew build a lot of it. 

We are really enjoying designing and setting up all of this setting and staging for the students.  Our goal is to make a memorable set that the students can’t forget.  So when they think of the book of Ruth (for example) they’ll think pink hearts…love……Ruth and Boaz…biblical relationships…Christ and the church.  Am I living in a fantasy world thinking that?  It could be!  But we want to do everything possibly to look sharp, to keep the students engaged, all so that they would listen, learn, and grow from the studies we are teaching them.  We do all this so that they would trust, worship, grow in, and share Jesus Christ.

We already have a cool new design for our set through the books of 1 and 2 Samuel.  In fact, we’re making this a whole minstry.  Andrew and I just had lunch with 5 others who are creative and passionate about setting and staging.  The goal is for me to float the idea and Christocentric theme of the OT book to Andrew, then he designs the set on his Mac (of course), and then we want to hand off the creative geniuses who make it happen by buying the materials, painting, building the set, and doing their thang!

So that’s our story so far on setting and staging as we move through the storyline of Scripture all about biblical history centered on Christ.  Our prayer is that our set and staging helps our students remember what each book is about so that they can continue to apply the truths to their lives and worship Christ in every way imaginable.

Storyline #46: Ruth 4 “All the Single Guys: How to get your Ruth” (Pastor Brandon Edition)

3 - 4Free files for youth pastors:

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (mp3 – pastor brandon)

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (brandon notes)

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (ppt)

I asked our phenomenal worship pastor to come in and handle this last chapter/sermon on Ruth in our series “The Love Connection.”  I did this for several reasons.  First, the last chapter of Ruth deals a lot with marriage, honeymoon, and having a first kid.  None of which I have ever been a part of!  So I figured he could speak from a little more experience than I.  Secondly, we designed the series to where the last sermon would be  a serious challenge to the guys to be real manly dudes for Jesus.  Brandon is as manly as a dude can get.  The guys hear from me basically every week about how to be a real man who lives for a real King, so I figured it’d be great for them to hear from another dude on how to be this kind of guy.  Lastly, Brandon is not only a phenomenal worship leader, but he’s also a super spiritually gifted preacher of God’s Word.  I want our students to be blessed by his speaking gifts…so this was the perfect opportunity.  I hope you enjoy the mp3, his notes, and more as much as we did when hearing him deliver this spectacular sermon for “All the Single Guys” on “How to get your Ruth.”

Storyline #45: Ruth 3 “All the Single Ladies: How to get your Boaz”

2 - titleFree files for youth pastors:

2 – Ruth 3 – Single Ladies (fillout sheet)

2 – Ruth 3 – Single Laides (mp3)

2 – Ruth 3 – Girls (sermon notes)

2 – Ruth 3 – Girls (Service Order)

The biggest criticism I get about my ministry is that I’m not reaching out enough to our girls.  I preach a lot with our guys in mind and hang out with them a lot to make sure they are growing as godly, masculine, and manly kind of guys.  Besides, I’d just be one weird and awkward youth pastor if I spent all that kind of time with the girls!  Throughout church history, the church has always been filled with godly men who lead the church and their families.  But this message is for our ladies to be godly, feminine, and teach them how to get their Boaz.  Guys need to read this to get this kind of girl.  Continue reading