KTL First Timers: Students’ First Sermons

ministry teams - ktlFree mp3’s of Student’s Sermons:

David Munoz’s sermon on Deborah and Barak (mp3)

Michael Harris’ sermon on Samson and Repentance (mp3)

KTL is our team of 11 guy students in our ministry who either believe they are called to the ministry and desire training, or they are not sure if God has called them to ministry but they desire to be trained in the meantime.  Out of the 11 guys, we had 4 (2 seniors and 2 juniors) who had the opportunity to preach through Judges in April for the entire student ministry.  The other 7 are getting their opportunity to preach to the KTL Team over the month of May.

The students I’m highlighting this week who got to preach this last Sunday evening for our KTL Team was David Munoz (freshman) and Michael Harris (8th grader). Continue reading

Storyline #43: Judges 13-21 “Don’t Be Like Samson” (Curt Mize Style – Senior in High School)

5 - titleFree files for youth pastors:

5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (ppt)

5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (fillout sheet)

5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (Chip’s Notes)

5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (blog by Curt)

5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (service order)

5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (mp3)

Curt Mize concluded our KTL Student Preaching last night through the book of Judges as he hammered “Don’t Be Like Samson” in Judges 13-21.  He is just one of those guys who is created, designed, and born to preach.  He’s got to be the most natural preaching 18 year old I’ve ever seen.  He is a machine when he studies his sermon…passionate about spending long hours doing it.  He communicates in such an engaging and authoritative way.  He knows how to be both faithful to the text and to the overall gospel-storyline of Scripture with the best of them.  He can make you laugh, think, worship, and run to the cross all in a matter of about 2 minutes.  And the kid can just straight up preach Jesus through any text or topic.  Continue reading

Storyline #42: Judges 9-12 “Deliverance by Death: Jephthah, Jesus, and You” (Logan Heck Style – Junior in High School)

4-titleFree files for youth pastors:

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (mp3)

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (Chip’s notes)

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (order of service)

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (ppt)

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (fillout sheet)

Logan Heck is one of the coolest teens you’ll ever meet.  He’s that kid where he doesn’t care what you think about him, but all he cares about is…you!  This dude seriously loves pretty much everyone.  But don’t let his loving nature fool you, the kid is a beast when he plays defensive lineman for the largest high school in the state of Alabama.  I met Logan just over a year ago now.  He wasn’t super involved in our church, but he did come to our Disciple Now.  There, God radically revamped his life for Jesus.  It was a complete turn around!  Now, we couldn’t keep Logan away from the church if we tried (and we’re definitely not going to)!  He loves coming to the church to serve, he takes it upon himself to go to the downtown rescue mission to witness, and he is incredibly passionate about everything he does for Jesus.  We have many of what we call “Logan Stories’ in our student ministry because whenever we go on a  trip….Logan does and says the craziest stuff!  Everyone knows him as a hilarious cut-up, but when this guy gets the Word of God in his hands…he’s a whole different person.  He turns into one of the most passionate preacher you’ve ever heard!! Continue reading

Storyline #41: Judges 6-8 “The Valiant 300: Taking Israel from Caves to Kingdom” (Justin Nettles Style – Senior in HS)

3-titleFree files for youth pastors:

3 – Judges 6-8 – Game Dwindle

3 – Game – Dwindle (ppt)

3 – Judges – 6-8 – Gideon (mp3)

3 – Judges 6-8 – Gideon (fillout sheet)

3 – Judges 6-8 – Gideon (Chip’s thoughts on Gideon)

3 – Judges 6-8 – Gideon (blog by Justin)

3 – Judges 6-8 – Gideon (order of service)

Justin, a senior in high school, did the preaching for our student ministry tonight.  This was his first time preaching, and he did an excellent job.  I told him that compared to the first time I got to preach…He is a real pro!  Justin is a natural speaker, and as he will be attending one of the best theological and youth pastoral Bible colleges next year (Boyce College in Louisville, KY)…he’s got a long future ahead of him where Jesus is going to use him greatly for the kingdom. Continue reading

Storyline #40: Judges 4-5 “This One’s for the Ladies: Masculinity, Femininity, and the Glory of Jesus” (Phillip McBryde Style – Junior in HS)

2-titleFree files for youth pastors:

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (filloutsheet)

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (mp3)

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (ppt)

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (Chip’s blog article)

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (order of service)

2 – Game – Battle of the Sexes

(sermon intro video on youtube under “cbsmmedia judges intro video”)

This is our student preaching month, and I wanted all along to kick the thing off strong with Phillip preaching.  He is a junior at one of the largest high schools in the state of Alabama around here.  He has already preached for us twice before, and I just love being a youth pastor and getting both blessed and challenged when one of my students preaches.  Phillip is a growing preacher, and if God continues to call him, he will a phenomenal pastor one day soon!  Continue reading

Storyline #39: Judges 1-3 “The Sin Cycle and the Commode Killer”

1-titleFree files for youth pastors:

1 – Judges 1-3 – Ehud (mp3)

1 – Judges 1-3 – Ehud (fillout sheet)

1 – Judges 1-3 – Ehud (outline)

1 – Judges 1-3 – Ehud (ppt)

1 – Judges 1-3 – Ehud (service order)

Sermon Intro Video (Check youtube: “cbsmmedia judges intro video”)

Every single Monday, week after week after week, I would hear the same thing: “That’s the last time I’ll ever get drunk!” It was an annoying, repetitive cycle. My friend would go out that weekend, get hammered, puke his guts out, not remember much from the weekend, and come in to work every Monday morning vowing to NEVER do it again. Do you know people caught up in the sin cycle? Are you one of those people?

The book of Judges helps us to take a step back, see our sin cycle, and kill it! In Judges 1 – 2, we read that Israel is caught up in the sin cycle. They would start worshipping fake gods, God would discipline them by handing them over to their enemies, they’d cry out to God for help, and God would send them a deliverer to rescue them. How did they keep getting caught up in the sin cycle? As they were taking over the promise land from their enemies, they didn’t annihilate all of their enemies like God told them to. So when Israel enslaved their enemies, God used their enemies to discipline them by enslaving Israel. Thus, you got yourself a real sin cycle that kept repeating. We have got to remember that. The little sins we don’t kill…that don’t seem like a big deal… they will end up leading to bigger and more repetitive sins that enslave us. We have got to take a step back, ask God to surface our sin cycle, and kill them off before they kill us! Continue reading