Join The Rebellion: Rebel Against Hopelessness


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3 – Join The Rebellion – Numbers 13-14 – Heaven (notes)

Join The Rebellion – 3 – Heaven – Numbers 13-14 (slides)

This study by Liberty Students is about the Number’s narrative when the spies went to check out the Promise Land. In the same way, God has given us glimpses in His Word to check out our eternal Promise Land.  Continue reading

Join The Rebellion: Everyone Counts (Numbers 1-10)

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Join The Rebellion – 1 – Everyone Counts – Numbers 1-10 (notes)

Join The Rebellion – 1 – Everyone Counts – Numbers 1-10 (slides)

Join The Rebellion – 2 – Numbers 11-12 – Complaining (curriculum)

Here are some quotes from this sermon:  Continue reading

Storyline #30: Numbers 25 “ISRAELITES GONE WILD: Sex, Cheaters, and the Purity of Christ”

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30 – Numbers 25 – Sex (ppt)

30 – Numbers 25 – Sex (fillout sheet)

30 – Numbers 25 – Sex (mp3)

30 – Numbers 25 – Sex (Sermon Notes)

My friend just told her, “SHUT UP! You’re all lies. You’ve been cheating on me. You’ve been cheating on our daughter. I’m so sick of your lies!” This was really hard to hear from one of my best friends who married a very poor girl who grew up in a trailer park and didn’t grow up in a loving or very Christian family. He married her, he gave her all he had, he loved her, and he showed her the love of Christ. In return, as a nurse she allowed herself to be wooed by the compliments of a doctor, engaged herself in conversation with him, and eventually found herself meeting him in the private doctor’s lounge for several sexual episodes together. How sick, gross, and nasty is that?

Here’s the truth. Whenever we engage ourselves in continuous sin, we are cheating on God with Satan. Why does that seem to lose its sickness, its grossness, and its nasty effect? Continue reading

Storyline #29: Numbers 21 “SNAKEBIT: the curse and the cross of Christ”

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29 – Numbers 21 – Serpents (mp3)

29 – Numbers 21 – Serpents (ppt)

29 – Numbers 21 – Serpents (fillout sheet)

(Hint for youth pastors: I love to have “memory makers” during our services.  So we called a local pet store, and asked them to bring in some snakes for this.  We had the pet store owner hold the big, 4 foot python up on stage behind me while I talked about this scene from Scripture, and 2 of my youth [with parental permission] held 2 other little corn snakes in the back.  I spoke with all my youth leaders to get their ideas before I went ahead with this.  Our assessment was to keep the snakes very contained, very controlled, and more so behind everything.  But after the service we allowed the students to come in in small groups to pet, hold, and get pictures with the snakes.  They loved it.  It was a huge hit!)

“Snake!” That’s all I could muster from my mouth when I saw what had slithered off the bank. Some friends and I were fishing in a creek. We had walked upstream quite a ways to find the perfect spot. We stopped at a spot with short banks that led up to high walls. When I casted over towards the bank, I thought that I had hooked a stick. But when the stick started side-winding across the top of the water, I screamed, “Snake!” and we all started high-stepping through the three foot high creek to get to a spot to where we could get out of the water. Because the snake was on the other end of my line, I kept pressing my reel’s release button to let out more line so that I wouldn’t be just dragging the snake behind me. Finally, after finding a good spot to get out, I jumped up on the bank, took one step, and snapped my buddy’s pole I was borrowing. That was a day I’ll never forget, but Israel had an even more unforgettable day with snakes. Continue reading

Storyline #28: Numbers 15-20 “Rebellion: Watch the Mutiny in the Wilderness”

28 – Numbers 15-20 – Rebel (mp3)

28 – Numbers 15-20 – Rebel (fillout sheet)


28 – Numbers 15-20 – Rebel (sermon)

28 – Numbers 15-20 – Rebel (speaking notes)

So I’m trying a little sumpin-sumpin different this week for yall.  I’m putting the usual blog (sermon) in an uploaded file called “(sermon)” just above.  I want to use this space just to tell you about the awesome night we had.

The night started off with a crazy-rockin song and our 5 minute countdown timer.  As soon as our countdown hit 0:00, a video immediately started up.  The video was the new iPod touch video with our own song behind it, and the end of the video was our “iGrab” announcement slide (pic in previous blog).  iGrab is our brand-spakin new contest for our students to bring as many people to our church’s revival called Harvestfest.  Everyone who comes on our “student night” during Harvestfest will get to enter their name into the drawing.  And for every friend they bring, they can enter their name into the drawing that many more times.  The winner of student night will receive an 8GB iPod touch.  I don’t usually like prizes and contests like this, but I want to build as much excitement as possible into our students to bring their friends to hear the gospel of Christ.  We then went through some other announcements on our upcoming annual ski trip, etc.  Continue reading

Storyline #27: Numbers 13-14 “Espionage: Spying on Your Eternity”

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27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (mp3)

27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (ppt)

27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (fillout sheet)

27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (Sermon Notes)

27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (Scripture Study)

His mom walks in the room and says that it’s finally time to start packing for their week-long vacation and that they are leaving in the morning. While most teenage boys would throw everything they own into an overstuffed suitcase, this one looks at his mom and tells her he doesn’t want to go.  “What do you mean you don’t want to go?  You don’t even like it here at home.”  That was true as he was having a real struggle liking, loving, obeying, and living with his family.  Even with his own bedroom, a screened-in underground pool, a Wii, etc, he even hated his house.  Refusing to pack, he ran away from home that night and was found by a Sheriff.  Finally on the way to vacation the next day, he jumped out of the moving vehicle to make a statement: “I’m not going!”


            If you think this sounds rebellious and backwards, this situation is only a hint of what Israel is doing to God at this point in Numbers 13 – 14. Continue reading

Storyline #26: Numbers 11-12 “What a Bunch of Crybabies! Complaining vs. Contentment in Christ”

Click here to watch the Angry German Kid Video

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26 – Numbers 11-12 – Complaining (fillout sheet)

26 – Numbers 11-12 – Complaining (ppt)

26 – Numbers 11-12 – Complaining (mp3)

If you’ve never seen this “German Kid Video,” it became an instant classic as soon as it hit YouTube.  This kid is obviously so addicted to computer games (and a little on the crazy side) that he absolutely can’t control himself both when the game won’t load quickly enough…and when the game comes on.  My personal favorite part of the video is when he has to press the “Escape” key, but from beating the key board it has popped off and he has to find it!  Much like this German kid, the Israelites are a bunch of crybabies who complain about what they do have and about what they don’t have.  This passage gives us a lot of insight for our own lives.  Do we think much about our own attitudes of complaining?  Do we think about where it comes from and what it does to us?  Do we realize what it means for our faith in God through Christ? Continue reading

Storyline #25: Numbers 1-10 “WHO’S COUNTING? The promises, place, and people of Christ”

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25 – Numbers 1-10 (Handout)

25 – Numbers 1-10 (mp3)

25 – Numbers 1-10 (powerpoint)


One of my favorite movie series was Home Alone.  You remember, where the family wakes up late in the morning to catch their flight out of town for their Christmas vacation.  The family was so huge and so rushed that they forgot one of their kids: Kevin.  Then Kevin had to stay Home Alone, provide for himself, and fend off burglars.  My favorite scene was the bricks in Home Alone 2.  I’ll try to attach that here.  This movie reminds us: counting is important!


            In a similar way, Israel is about to leave for a trip, and they are to be counted.  But they aren’t going on vacation, rather they are leaving the mountain of God and heading towards the land He has promised to give them.  They also aren’t counting just to make sure everyone is present, but God tells them to count to show the people that God is faithful to His promises. Continue reading