Law and Order: FeastFEST (Leviticus 23-27)

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Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23-27 (notes)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (slides)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (curriculum)

The God of the Old Testament is a God who commanded His people to PARTY! In fact, the parties that God designed were ones that called His people to feast and to remember what He’s done and who He is. Each of the Old Testament feasts are fulfilled in the Gospel of Jesus in fascinatingly specific ways.  Continue reading

Law & Order: Animal Sacrifices (Leviticus 1-7)

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Law and Order – 1 – Animal Sacrifices – Leviticus 1-7 (notes)

Law and Order – 1 – Animal Sacrifices – Leviticus 1-7 (slides)

Law and Order – 1 – Animal Sacrifices – Leviticus 1-7 (curriculum)

Everybody knows Leviticus is where devotions go to die. The book is a devotional killer. Many Christians have committed to read through the whole Bible, but get discouraged, bogged down, and dried up by Leviticus.

At Liberty Students, we want our teens to not only be able to faithfully read through Leviticus, but we want them to LOVE LEVITICUS. If you ever wonder how to read through, teach through, or lead through Leviticus, you will love our series called Law & Order.  Continue reading

Storyline #23: Leviticus 17-22 “LAYING DOWN THE LAW: Loving God and Loving Others by Looking to Jesus”

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            You want odd U.S. laws?  You got ‘em!  Supposedly these are still on the books…  In Alabama, it is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes people to laugh in church.  In Oregon, it is illegal to perform a wedding ceremony at a skating rink.  In Iowa, one-armed piano players must perform for free.  In Connecticut, you may not educate dogs.  In California, no one is allowed to ride a bike in a swimming pool.  And in Georgia, it is illegal for a chicken to cross a road.  Now my question is, “Is this the way we view God’s laws in Leviticus?”  He’s definitely laying down the law to His people!  Do we see His holiness laws as more important than quirky state laws?  Do we see that God laying down His laws is His way of setting up His kingdom? Continue reading

Storyline #22: Leviticus 16 “BLOOD BATH: The Day of Atonement and the Death of Jesus”

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22 – Leviticus 16 – Day of Atonement (ppt)

22-leviticus-16-day-of-atonement (mp3)

            I was covered from head to toe in mud!  I can barely remember it, but I do have the picture to prove it.  My mom retells the story of how I as a young boy found the garden hose, turned it on, made some mud, and then wallowed around in it like a hog.  To surprise her, I ran up to the kitchen window where I could see her washing dishes.  When she looked at her son, she couldn’t help but laugh because of the mud that covered my whole body.  What a great day!


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Storyline #21: Leviticus 11-15 “God, what are You saying?: The laws of cleanness and the gospel of Christ”


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21-leviticus-11-15-clean-and-unclean (handout)

21 – Leviticus 11-15 – clean and unclean (ppt)

21 – Leviticus – 11-15 – clean and unclean (mp3)



          Could you imagine living in this country at a time when a rampant disease killed at least one-third of our population?  This didn’t just happen to a country but an entire continent!  In the 14th century, the Black (Bubonic) Plague swept through Europe killing an estimated 75 million people over 300 years.  Historians disagree whether the disease took the lives of 1/3 or up to 2/3’s of the population.  Apparently, this disease was carried by fleas and rats.  It is said that sailing ships would run aground with all of the crew dead. 

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Storyline #20: Leviticus 8-10 “UNAUTHORIZED WORSHIP: The day priests dropped dead”


20 – Leviticus 8-10 – Priests (fillout sheet)

20 – Leviticus 8-10 – Priests (ppt)

20 – Leviticus 8-10 – Priests mp3

Leviticus 8 is the beginning of a time of celebration for the nation of Israel – God’s people.  Up to this point God has chosen them (Gen 12), freed them (Exo 12), fought for them (Exo 14), and taught them how to be His (Exo 25-40, Lev 1-7).  Here, God commanded Moses to ceremonially consecrate (set-apart) the sons of Aaron for the holy priesthood.  Moses did so by having them washed, changed into new clothes, anointed with oil, blood sacrifices on the bronze altar – all for 7 days.  On the 8th day, you could feel the excitement, the anticipation, the expectation.  If they had done everything right, the glory of the Lord would fall and consume these final sacrifices made on the 8th day on behalf of the priests since they too were sinners before God.  Sure enough, the glory of the Lord in the form of fire fell from heaven, consumed the sacrifices made on the altar, and the people responded, shouted, and fell on their faces. Continue reading

Storyline #19: Leviticus 1-7 “Offerings and Sacrifices: How do you smell to God?”

19 – Leviticus 1-7 – Sacrifices (mp3)

19 – Leviticus 1-7 – Sacrifices (ppt)




I hysterically laugh at all of the gagging, coughing, dry heaving!  Have you seen this video where the dad tries to change the baby’s diaper but he just can’t handle the smell?  There are scenes of him with tissue stuck up his nose, a doctor’s mask across his face, and even him wearing a chemical suit – all because he can’t stand the smell of…yeah.  What distinct smells are your favorite…your most hated? 

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