Sermon Writing Template


Every Youth Pastor,

I wanted to pass along to my weekly sermon writing template that I personally created. This helps me not to start from a blank slate, but to think creatively within categories that will ultimately develop a Gospel-centered sermon for my students from God’s Word. I pray this is as helpful for you as it has been for me.


Feel free to download it, change it up, and make it your own.

CENTRIC Sermon Preaching Template (pdf)

(You will see some names that I’ve listened to for years. I’ve listened to some for theology and some for communication. If they are in my template, I do not necessarily endorse their theology or ministry.)

KTL 2013: Training Teens to Preach & Teach

ministry teams - ktl
KTL is CBSM’s ministry that trains teens to teach and preach God’s Word in a Christ-centered, gospel-grounded, biblically-based, and life-changing kind of way. This year, it is just for our male high school students who feel called to full-time ministry, sense God possibly beginning to call them to full-time ministry, or have a desire to be teaching God’s Word in His church throughout their lives. This will be about a 3 month training ministry, and every student interested must fill out an application and be accepted. Here is the application and schedule for the next 3 months (below):
KTL SPRING 2013 App and Schedule.doc

KTL 2012: Training Teens to be Preachers and Teachers

“KTL” is CBSM’s opportunity to training teenagers on how to preach and teach the Word of God. For whatever crazy reason, God has blessed us with teenagers who are called into ministry, guys who are called to be pastors, girls who feel called to be missionaries, and both who feel called to simply teach God’s Word throughout their lives in different settings. This could be Bible studies, Sunday school classes, discipleship classes, or even family devotions at home when they become fathers and mothers. Whatever the calling, we want to equip them to know God’s Word, interpret God’s Word rightly, apply it correctly, and learn how to deliver it for people to hear clearly.

KTL will meet on Sunday nights from 8:00 – 9:30pm. Our main sessions over about 3 months will be how to see Christ clearly in each passage, how to see the gospel centered in each passage, how to discern the main truth from each passage, how to get the main application out of each passage, how to illustrate a lesson well, and how to introduce and conclude when you’re teaching and preaching.

Every study must fill out a KTL application form, turn it in, and be accepted. We will begin this Sunday night at 8:00pm and meet in the student building.
Here is the application form:
KTL SPRING 2012 App and Schedule
Here is what a KTL class session sounds like:
KTL 2011 – 01 – Preaching Christ (mp3)

CBSM Middle School Girls ALL-NIGHTER: Amazing Grace

Attention 6th, 7th, 8th grade girls!! Come join the KTL girls THIS Friday, August 12th at 7pm, in the FLC for our first ever Girls All Nighter! We have an action packed night planned just for you! Awesome games, mega relays, scavenger hunt, Movie (Soul Surfer), the cutest t-shirt ever, worship, and amazing Bible study from the book of Ruth! Continue reading

Denae’s Tornado Testimony: Disaster to Hope

This is a testimony of one of our CBSM teens who went through the tragic EF-5 tornado on April 27, 2011 in Harvest, AL. Here, she tells her story of how she lost her home and her dad. Her hope in Christ is unbelievable!

IGNATIUS: The Ultimate Youth Pastor (CBSM Edition)

We at CBSM L.O.V.E. to show this video at least once a year. We especially love to show it when we’re in our “student preaching month” to remind everyone why we train students for ministry, preaching, and teaching. We do that so that none of our students turn-out to be like Ignatius. God forbid! We took out a couple of parts from the video including Ignatius’ sex talk with the students. We made it a little more safe to show at your youth ministry. I hope this is a blessing to you. (If you’re the maker or owner of this video, and we’re either not supposed to have it up on our blog or have the parts cut out of it, just email me on it.)

REBUK’D: Struggle and Strength by Jacob Reed (Jeremiah 11-20)

Free downloads for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, and teenagers:
3 – Jeremiah 11-20 – The Struggle (mp3)
3 – Jeremiah 11-20 – The Struggle (handout).pdf
3 – Jeremiah 11-20 – The Struggle (ppt)
3 – Jeremiah 11-20 – The Struggle (Jacobs sermon notes).doc
3 – Jeremiah 11-20 – The Struggle (small groups).doc
3 – Jeremiah 11-20 – The Struggle (service).doc
Jacob Reed absolutely brought the funk while preaching God’s Word and pointing CBSM to Jesus last night! Jacob really challenged us on how to face our struggles head-on when following after Jesus. Here’s the deal…we will struggles. Its inevitable! Jeremiah internally, emotionally, and genuinely struggled when doing God’s call. Jesus struggled as well. Check out His intense, internal, and emotional struggle in the Garden of Matthew 26. If you’re NOT struggling, you might need a salvation check! Satan hates that we’re saved, Satan wants us to give up, and Satan wants us to stop living out God’s call on our lives for Jesus’ glory. So check out this message which will teach you all about how to face your struggles head-on and continue your call for Christ!

REBUK’D: Idolatry and Adultery by Blake Hall (Jeremiah 2 – 10)

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, and teenagers:
2 – Jeremiah 2-10 – The Sin (mp3).mp3
2 – Jeremiah 2-10 – The Sin (handout).pdf
2 – Jeremiah 2-10 – The Sin (ppt)
2 – Jeremiah 2-10 – The Sin (Blake outline).doc
2 – Jeremiah 2-10 – The Sin (small groups).doc
2 – Jeremiah 2-10 – The Sin (service).doc

April is CBSM’s student preaching month. This is the first student preaching sermon of this year…by Blake Hall. Blake preached on Jeremiah 2 – 10 which is all about God rebuking His people for their sins of idolatry and adultery. When we are learning about rebuke as Christians, we have to know what we’re up against and what sin is. Idolatry is not just people in 3rd world countries and a part of pagan religions who bow down to little stone statues. Idolatry is woshiping anything other than Jesus. Idolatry is putting anything on a higher or equal plane than God. So Idolatry can be anyone or anything that we put the majority of our love, thoughts, time, money, etc into. Also, adultery is not just a married person having sex with someone else. Eventually, nearly everyone will be married. So there are adulterous sins for single teenagers. When they go too far physically or sexually with someone else who is not their spouse. That too is adulterous sin. So check out Blake’s sermon on sins that need to be rebuked, and how Jesus can overpower our sin so that we can worship Him alone in purity!

CBSM KTL Spring 2011

KTL SPRING 2011 App and Schedule (doc)
Our CBSM KTL ministry trains students to preach and teach the Word in the church. It is for guys and girls who are either called to full-time ministry or who want to teach the Scriptures faithfully in opportunities that arise in their lives. We want to be a student ministry who prepares guys to pastors, missionaries, and teachers of God’s Word…and who prepares our girls who are called to be missionaries, women’s ministry leaders, children’s ministry leaders, and teachers of God’s Word in other opportunities as well. We take them through an understanding of how the Scriptures are Christ-centered, gospel-grounded, truthful, a meta-narrative, interconnected, illustrative, and life-changing. Our prerequisites to be a part of this ministry are to fill-out the application (attached above), able to make the scheduled dates, have a life of leadership, sense a call to full-time ministry, or have a desire to teach the Scriptures in your life.

ktl 2010 – 10 – preaching the sermon of your text…and a preaching critique

Free file for youth pastors:
KTL 10 – Preaching the Sermon of Your Text and a Preaching Critique (mp3)

This was our “lab portion” of the KTL semester.  The lab is when we go into the student building, I teach them how to speak, preach, and present their sermon in an effective way.  We go through everything from eye contact, to facial expression, to voice inflection, pitch, volume, rate, hand gestures, posture, standing and walking, and emotion.  After we went through all that with questions, we had our first student preacher go through his practice sermon.  Every Sunday night before the Wednesday one of our KTL preachers preach in April, we let that student preacher of the week practice preach.  I then offer them some critique on how to make it better before Wednesday.  Every student needs different instruction.  I then take them out to eat on that Monday night before they preach just to celebrate what’s coming up, talk with them more about it, and show them how thankful I am for them.

The mp3 here is the instruction on “how to preach” and it is the critique of David’s sermon just so you can hear how we handle it.  We’re pretty straight forward and don’t pull any punches.  Our guys love that because they want it straight up on how they can be the best preacher for Christ they possibly can!