FTL Fall 2012: CBSM Leadership Training Group

FTL (Follow The Leader) is a fall semester long leadership training group for our high school students.

FTL is for those high school students who are wanting to grow deeper and go farther in their spiritual leadership. CBSM defines leadership as “following Jesus and bringing others with you.” In this FTL semester, our students will be studying “Gospel-Centered Discipleship” by Jonathan Dodson. This is a great book to learn the importance of being a disciple of Jesus, the importance of being discipled by a spiritual mentor, and the importance of discipling others towards Jesus. The book will be provided for the students who want to be involved. Here is the application that every student must fill-out and turn in by Sunday, September 2nd.
FTL FALL 2012 App.doc

FTL: CBSM Leadership Training for Teens

FTL simply stands for Follow The Leader. In CBSM, we believe that leadership is “following Jesus and bringing others with you.” On top of biblical & theological training on weekly worship nights, life-applicational discussions in small groups, and spiritual gift training in our Student Ministry Teams…we also offer specific “Leadership Training” for the teens who want to go farther in following Jesus and bringing others with them. The teens who want this semester-long training must be saved, baptized, already faithfully attending everything at CBSM, and fill-out this FTL application. This semester, we will be studying “Gospel in Life” by Timothy Keller. This is both a DVD and Workbook study on how to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in the eight major arenas of daily life. It will be powerful, life-changing, and excellent training on how to be a follower of Jesus and leader of others to Him!
FTL FALL 2011 App.doc

IGNATIUS: The Ultimate Youth Pastor (CBSM Edition)

We at CBSM L.O.V.E. to show this video at least once a year. We especially love to show it when we’re in our “student preaching month” to remind everyone why we train students for ministry, preaching, and teaching. We do that so that none of our students turn-out to be like Ignatius. God forbid! We took out a couple of parts from the video including Ignatius’ sex talk with the students. We made it a little more safe to show at your youth ministry. I hope this is a blessing to you. (If you’re the maker or owner of this video, and we’re either not supposed to have it up on our blog or have the parts cut out of it, just email me on it.)

CBSM: FTL (Follow The Leader) Training Workshop for Future Leaders

Our deepest, most intense, and highest expectations we have on our students…is our FTL and KTL. While KTL (keruxon ton logon – preach the Word) is held over the spring semester to teach our guys how to preach and our girls how to teach, our FTL (follow the leader) is held over the fall. Its purpose is to raise up serious leaders for Christ in the church…and to equip and train them to do so. Here is our FTL application and schedule in case you need one, or you want to use it for your ministry.
FTL FALL 2010 App and Schedule