Imago Dei: Humanity Forever (1 Corinthians 15)

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We had severe storm warnings on this Wednesday night, so we actually had to cancel services for that night. I had thought through and studied up on this sermon so much, that I couldn’t just not preach it! We have got to get back to “Following Jesus” next week. So I decided just to preach this passage to CBSM from my recliner. I think this passage gives so much meaning to our very lives. It answers so many questions like: Was Jesus really resurrected from the dead? Is Jesus remaining human forever? What does Jesus’ resurrection mean for our lives today? How can we live more and more for eternity? What will our eternal bodies be like? What will we do for all of eternity? Will we be human beings forever? And what does all of this have to do with our lives in the hear and now? Feel free to check it all out!

Imago Dei: Humanity Saved (Hebrews 2 & 10)

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Because humanity has been created and cursed, humanity must now be saved. God has had a phenomenal plan since eternity past to send Jesus to fully become a man while remaining fully God. Jesus had to become a man in order to be the Savior of the world. He could not come as only God. He could not come like Aslan the Lion in Naria. He had to share in flesh and blood with human beings in order to die in their place. This CBSM study is all about why we should feel both insignificant and significant, why we should see Jesus as the reason to why God created us, and why Jesus had to become human in order to be our death and resurrection. This study should answer so many questions for students today who are struggling with insignificance, sin, and a need for salvation.

Imago Dei: Humanity Cursed (Genesis 3:1-24)

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Do you believe in curses? I sure do. What does it mean that humanity is cursed? How did humanity become cursed? Why would God allow humanity created in His image to be cursed? We studied two weeks ago that God created humanity in His image. Then we studied how Jesus is the perfect image of God. And now how humanity is cursed with sin. When Satan tempted Adam and Eve in the garden, they decided to believe Satan rather than God and then became Satan worshipers. Sin is simply Satan worship. Through Adam’s sin, all humanity and creation are cursed with sin. God didn’t just retaliate with the curse, but God simply announced what the natural consequences are when you separate yourself from Him. Now all humanity is born separated from God and must be brought back to Him by the blood of Christ. The most interesting part of this passage though are the curses that God announced. They specifically deal with how Adam and Eve (men and women) are supposed to live out their gender. Gender is such a huge part of being created in God’s image that its nearly impossible to miss its importance in Scripture. So this study is all about how all humanity has been cursed with sin and how the curse directly affects our gender. Check it out!

Imago Dei: Jesus Is The Image (Colossians 1:15-20) by Jacob Fowler

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Jacob Fowler (Graduate of CBSM and The University of Mobile) preaches this strong message on understanding the image of God through Jesus. God says that Jesus IS His image in perfect exactness. So we must understand our humanity, our selves, our purpose through Jesus alone. Check out this awesome message as Jacob lays it down in a way teens can understand.

Imago Dei: Humanity Created (Genesis 1:26-28)

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What exactly is the image of God? What is it about humanity that images Him? What does “image” even mean? This new sermon series is going to answer those questions and many more about this tough theological issue. We believe that the answers are both practical and life changing! This is the start of a month long series that gets into who we are as humans, why we are created as males and females, and how we live out our humanity best for Jesus.