Do Not Teach Students Systematic Theology If…


I love Systematic Theology. Seriously, I read the stuff for pleasure. Systematic Theology has been my most favorite classes, conversations, and  lessons to teach. I have seen Systematic FIRE UP students, but I’ve also seen it tear down relationships. Here are some thoughts on “Do Not Teach Students Systematic Theology If…”

First of all, we must answer the question, “What is Systematic Theology?” Think of playing a sport. Sports is not all about the game, but also includes practices. During those practices, coaches will separate out positions from one another to focus on their roles. The same can happen in an orchestra or band as the leader separates out instruments into proper sections for more intentional focus. In the same way, Systematic Theology is the separating out of Christian doctrines from the Scriptures to focus on them individually.

Just like in sports, the point of the separation in practice is for the unity of the team during the game. In music, the point of the separation is the harmony during the performance. In Systematic Theology, we must remember that the point of the separation is ultimately for the unity and harmony of all truth in Scripture that plays its part perfectly together  display the glory of the Gospel. Do not teach students Systematic Theology if you do not wish to bring it back all together for the sake of the Gospel!  Continue reading

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