The Spirit of Christmas: The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

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Tim Hamlette brings the Word to our High School students at our Hampton Campus on the Holy Spirit to kick off our December series “The Spirit of Christmas.” Continue reading

Framework #26 – Persecuted Church: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

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1 – OT Storyline of the Spirit (mp3),
2 – NT Storyline of the Spirit (mp3)
3 – Make War – Holy Spirit’s Help (mp3 by Brian Metz)
4 – Fruit of the Spirit (mp3)
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Persecuted Church: Holy Spirit (Schedule)
Persecuted Church: Holy Spirit (Brief Preaching Notes)

 Our students walked into an almost completely dark student building.  Most of our lights were turned off, and a few of our led’s were turned to red and yellow to look like torches and turned down low.  The mood was set to look like many of the churches meeting around the world in secret, danger, and fear for their lives…as well as many churches like that back in church history.  We stripped away all of the bells and whistles.  We did 4 sessions (each an hour long) of 5 minutes of singing, 40 minutes of teaching, and 5-10 minutes of prayer.  Amazingly after 4 hours of sessions centered around teaching doctrine, our students simply asked, “Its over?  That’s it?  Can’t we stay longer?”  Now that is the joy and purpose of the Persecuted Church.  Here’s more about our Persecuted Church event…  Continue reading