Youth Group Truth: Chip Dean’s Blog

chipmic2Chip Dean is the Global Student Pastor over all 3 campus Student Ministries at Liberty Baptist Church in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

“My goal is to SEND out GOSPEL-centered, RELATIONAL students who make DISCIPLES on MISSION with Jesus.”

This blog is all about sharing the resources from my years in Student Ministry. There are 10 years, all 66 books of the Bible, all 13 major Christian doctrines, over 25GB’s of info, and over 5,000 files to be downloaded.

If you would like all of these files more easily downloaded in one place on DropBox, email me at 

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CBSM Clip: What’s The Best Motivation for Your Daily Devotions?

As we talked about Jesus as Prophet, we have to come to grips with the way Jesus speaks into our lives today…through His Word. So not opening our Bibles on a daily basis is like telling Jesus to shut up and not speak into our lives. Its like refusing to go listen to Jesus if He was speaking in your city on a daily basis. Check this clip out.

Sermon Intro Video: One Hit Wonders (Series on the Minor Prophets)

Here is our sermon intro video for our series on the Minor Prophets that we’re calling: One Hit Wonders. You will enjoy the smooth dance skills of our own Andrew England (media guy) and Jason Cunningham (worship guy). And since they are so smooth, they take away from my dance skills. So you might notice me a little off beat, out of step, and maybe even mumble through some of the words. I think this is what they might call a “ministry killer.” Even though Jason and Andrew got about 10 takes, I only got 2. Just wanted to make that clear. Either way…enjoy the show…our students sure did!

Sweet Dreams: Series Intro Video for Ezekiel

You will pee your pants from the chill running down your spine when you watch this super creepy sermon intro video on Ezekiel by Andrew England, Jason Cunningham, and Seth Fowler. Check errr out!

Sweet Dreams: A Vision Of God (Ezekiel 1 – 3)

Free downloads for youth pastors and small group leaders:
1 – Ezekiel 1-3 – Vision of God (mp3)
1 – Ezekiel 1-3 – Vision of God (handout).pdf
1 – Ezekiel 1-3 – Vision of God (ppt)
1 – Ezekiel 1-3 – Vision of God (sermon notes).doc1 – Ezekiel 1-3 – Vision of God (sermon outline).doc
1 – Ezekiel 1-3 – Vision of God (passage commentary).doc
1 – Ezekiel 1-3 – Vision of God (service order).doc
1 – Ezekiel 1-3 – Vision of God (small groups).doc
We’ve all heard people say, if God would just show Himself to me…then maybe I would believe. If I could just see Him… If only I knew for sure that He was real… Well, God did show Himself to Ezekiel and many other prophets for that matter. Ezekiel 1 – 3 shows us how anyone can have a vision of God on a regular basis. It reveals to us how we all can experience and encounter God in a real way. This passage shows us that our sin problems, our spiritual weaknesses, and our lack of passion to live for Him…honestly has to do with a lack of vision for who He truly is. And lastly, we tell people too often that they really should be a witness. Here’s the deal…if they had a real, huge, true, accurate vision of God…they wouldn’t be able to help but share the gospel of Jesus to everyone. So here we go “Sweet Dreams: A Vision of God.”

Title Loop Video: Sweet Dreams (Books of Ezekiel and Daniel)

Andrew England’s creation of “Title Loop Video” for our sermon series on Ezekiel and Daniel called “Sweet Dreams”

CBSM Senior Graduation Slideshow Video

Congratulations to our CBSM 2011 Seniors! You have been a phenomenal class of leadership, example, worship, fellowship, and service. I can’t thank you enough for the massive mark you left on CBSM for the gospel and glory of Jesus! I will always consider myself as one of your pastors, so please never hesitate if you need me at any point and time in your life.