What is CENTRIC?: 4 Step Student Ministry Strategy

What is CENTRIC? CENTRIC is a word born from a God-given conviction to be unashamedly Christ-CENTERED in everything I preach and teach in student ministry. Not only preaching and teaching, but also in every way I lead, counsel, strategize, disciple, and live missionally.

Over 10 years, CENTRIC has expanded from a conviction to now resources, a wholistic student ministry strategy, and conferences.

CENTRIC Resources are Gospel-centered resources that are designed to take your student ministry creatively through the whole Bible and all Christian doctrines in 6-7 years. These resources not only span over 6 years, but also include over 80 different series, over 4000 files, and over 12GB’s of info. You can now download all of the CENTRIC Resources for only $99. Here is the packet for more information: CENTRIC Student Ministry Resources

The CENTRIC Student Ministry Strategy is both wholistic and integrative. This student ministry strategy is wholistic because it drives everything we do, and it is integrative because it connects everything we do. Our CENTRIC Student Ministry Strategy is boiled down to 4 Words: GOSPEL, RELATIONAL, DISCIPLE, MISSIONAL. I exist to send out Gospel-centered, relational students who make disciples that are on mission with Jesus.

The CENTRIC Conferences is what I’ve had the privilege to preach in many church, in many states, and in many student ministries. I absolutely love to pass on the CENTRIC Strategy that God has given me to Student Pastors, Student Leaders, and Students. Here is my personal preaching packet if you’re interested in booking me: Chip Dean Preaching Packet

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