True belief in the GOSPEL, a real love that is RELATIONAL, and a life that MAKES DISCIPLES will live on MISSION.

The Gospel is ultimately the mission of God by the ultimate missionary, Jesus. Jesus is our missionary model because He stepped out of His home, became like the people He left to reach, served us, sacrificed Himself for us, and rose from the dead to complete His mission.

Everyone loves a little adventure. My greatest adventures growing up were on our annual family vacations. I loved going to new places, seeing new things, eating new foods, and even meeting new people. There was one thing true about all of our family vacations…we always ended up in an argument. I’m confident the reason we ended up in an argument is because vacation is always our own personal needs, wants, desires, etc.

What if the adventures we were created for weren’t vacations but trips on mission? I’ve seen very few arguments breakout on mission trips because mission trips aren’t about us, but they’re about serving Jesus and others.

I remember being on a mission trip with a student ministry in the country of Belize. I was preaching a message in a church there one night on Acts 20. The message was on how that local church could continue our mission since our group would be leaving shortly. While I was preaching, the Holy Spirit convicted me that we weren’t living in our own city what I was preaching.

We need to not only take students on mission trips, but we also need teach students how to live missionally on a daily basis.

Missionally Living means to live in such of a way every day that someone could get saved.

Gospel-faith, Relational-love, and Making Disciples is a life that naturally lends itself to Missional Living (Luke 24).

Luke 24:47 talks about Missional Living in 3 words:

  1. Repentance. It is our pleasure to be able to proclaim to the world that they get to turn from their sin to Jesus in faith alone.
  2. Forgivness. It is our joy to be able to proclaim to the world that God has offered them forgiveness of all sin in faith in Jesus alone.
  3. Witness. It is our passion to be able to spread the name of Jesus to the world so that they know the name by which all can be saved!

Here are 3 free resources to download from our studies designed for our students to live on mission:

GamePlan – 12 – Missional – Matthew 28 (curriculum)

GamePlan – 12 – Missional Call – Matthew 28 (sermon)

GamePlan – 13 – Missional Community – Philippians 2 (sermon)

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