The Fourth at the Fowlers: Fireworks, Barbecue, Party

(Above: CBSM Fireworks Compilation Video
We will be partying it up with barbecue and fireworks at the Fowlers this Wednesday, July 3rd from 6:30-9:30pm.
Who: All of our CBSM Middle School, High School, College Students, and all your Friends.
Where: The Fowler’s House (17409 Meadows Rd. Athens, AL)
What To Bring: All guys bring a drink. All girls bring a dessert. All adults bring a side. We also invite you to bring your own fireworks. We will shoot ’em off in a safe and organized matter. No limbs have been lost at any of our Fowler Fourth parties for your FYI.
Cost: Free
Why: Partying up our Independence from the Totalitarian English Monarchy of the 1700’s.

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