CBSM Summer Nights

“CBSM Summer Nights” will be on Wednesdays from May 29th – Aug 14th after our CBSM worship service.

We want you to hang out with us after the CBSM worship service, so plan to enjoy our free food, play some sports, and hang with your friends from 8-9pm. On different CBSM Summer Nights we’ll have homemade ice cream, ice cream sundaes, snow cones, ice cream floats, etc. Every CBSM Summer Night we’ll have volleyball, football, frisbee, soccer, and whatever other sport or game you want to bring to entertain yourself and your friends.

So the plan is easy. Come worship Jesus with us at 6:30pm as we go through our “You Asked For It Series” where you come up with the sermon topics. Then plan to hang with us till 9:00pm for CBSM Summer Nights.

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