CBSM One Day Food Drive

food drive poster
CBSM, here’s your reminder of our One Day Food Drive tomorrow: Sunday, May 5th. We are running this Food Drive for our church’s mission trip to KY. The part of Ky they are going to does not have much food. Many are starving or malnourished. Also, that area of KY is very malnourished spiritually. They need to hear the gospel. Jesus loved to feed people and then share the gospel with them. Think about Him feeding the 5000, feeding the 4000, etc. He showed them that He is where they will be taken care of eternally!

So here’s the plan, bring in these types of canned food items this Sunday (along with other types of items):
Food Items:
Canned Meat
Canned Tuna
Canned Pasta (Ravioli, Spaghetti, Spaghetti O’s etc.)
Vienna Sausage
Potted Meat

Cleaning items:
All Purpose cleaner
Dish Soap
Bath Soap

Other items:
Diapers (size 2-5)

Its all about doing this for an opportunity to share the gospel with them, CBSM! But, we are giving the small group who brings the most a free, full-service breakfast on Sunday, May 19! That’s just for a little extra added bonus for you. Remember, your items are due tomorrow: Sunday, May 5. Get to shopping!

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