The End: Series on The Book of Revelation and the End Times

“The End” is our final series through the entire Bible as we study the book of Revelation and the End Times. Here are some of the questions this book and series is designed to answer:
– What is the book of Revelation all about?
– Who is the book of Revelation written to?
– What happens during the Great Tribulation and who goes through it?
– Who is the Anti-Christ?
– When and how does Jesus come back?
– What is the big deal about the Millennium?
– What all happens at the Final Judgment?
– What will hell be like and who will go?
– What will heaven be like and who will go?
This is the perfect time for you and your friends to come check out CBSM! Come join us on Wednesday nights. We start hanging out at 6:00pm, and our services crank up at 6:30pm. We give all of our first-timers and the teen who brings them a shot to win a $50 Visa gift card. Hope to see you this Wednesday as we talk about The End together!

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