I Love My Church: Because We Fight Like Family (Titus)

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3 – ILMC – Titus – Family (small groups).doc
Who is not addicted to their phones these days? We’re addicted to texting, Twitter, Instagram, emails, Facebook, Snapchat, etc because we are ultimately addicted to relationships. We love to stay involved in each others lives. We’re addicted to all of that social media because God created humanity for community. The reason we get bored with church is because we tend to look at it as getting knowledge rather than growing in relationships. We tend to get bored with Jesus because we look at Him as a truth rather than a real relationship. Church is more than knowledge, and Jesus is more than a truth! God’s awesome design for us is to grow in truth and knowledge through relationship with others. We need to learn from others who have lived for Jesus. Check out this study in Titus on exactly how God calls us to do this. What are your thoughts?

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