Serious Student Ministry (by Brad Cooper: NewSpring Church Student Pastor)

I want to be SERIOUS.

Hey this might not make me a popular student ministry guy, but im sick of silly. Sometimes i think that the goal of many youth ministries is to be funny or entertaining or silly.

First, let me say this: essentially there is nothing wrong with having fun. The reality that student ministry can and should be fun is not lost on me. The issue that i really want to speak to are those ministries or ministers that sacrifice serious thoughtfulness on the altar of silly student ministry.

I believe there is a better way!

Here’s a great JC Ryle quote that has gotten my soul in the proper posture:

“There was a great statesman in Queen Elizabeth’s time, who retired from public life in his latter days, and gave himself up to serious thought. His former merry companions came to visit him, and told him that he was becoming somber. “No,” he replied, “I am serious; for everyone around me is serious. God is serious in observing us — Christ is serious in interceding for us — The Spirit is serious in striving with us — the truths of God are serious — our spiritual enemies are serious in their endeavors to ruin us — poor lost sinners are serious in hell — and why then should you and i not be serious too?”

You and i have permission to be fiercely serious. In fact i would go as far as to say that the Bible demands an authentic seriousness from everyone who is reborn, especially from the shepherds of God’s people.

Father, make us serious like you are serious, Amen.

Brad Cooper
Twitter: @BCooP

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