CBSM Christmas Partay 2012: Wed, Dec 12

CBSM’s Christmas Partay will be Wednesday, December 12 in our FLC Gymnasium.
We’ll party it up from 6:30 – 8:00pm.
Middle Schoolers bring a 2 liter soft drink or 2 gallon sweet tea.
High Schoolers bring a dessert.
We will have our own Christmas Jazz Band.
Everybody invite and bring your friends.

CBSMers bring a gift for our Salvation Army Christmas Tree Angels. Like last Christmas, this Christmas we want to be missional with the gospel by being a blessing families in need in our area. Each of our CBSM small groups have adopted a “Salvation Army Christmas Tree Angel” family. We want to give gift gifts to the kids in these families, but we also want to share Jesus with them! So we’re asking each of our CBSM students to write a letter with their personal salvation testimony while sharing the gospel with these kids and families. Jesus could make this the best Christmas of their entire life! In your personal testimony, be sure to include Jesus as God and man, Jesus’ sinless life, Jesus’ death and burial, Jesus’ Lordship and resurrection, and our need for repentance of sin and faith in Him!
Christmas Angel Parent Letter.doc

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