CBSM Halloween Night

CBSM is doing it up big and going all out this Wednesday night for Halloween, Oct 31.

1. Krispy Kreme and Hot Chocolate: Free Krispy Kreme donuts and Hot Chocolate for all teenagers from 6:00-6:25pm. So come early, grab a few, and hang out in case they get eaten early. And we’re not just talking about the generic glazed kind, we’re talking assorted flavors, yall. We don’t play when it comes to Krispy Kreme!

2. Impossible Shot: The Impossible Shot is making a comeback after 5 years! CBSM had this game when I first came that I actually never got to see in action. We’re bringing it back. Here’s how it goes. Every first time visitor and the friend that brings then gets a free toss at the Impossible Shot. You get as many shots as first time friends you bring. If you make it into the “Big” hole, you get a free item from our cafe. If you make it in the “Shot” hole, you get a free CBSM Impossible Shot Tshirt, and if you get it in the “Impossible” hole…you get a $50 iTunes gift card!

3. Costume Contest: We’ll give out a $50 Walmart gift card to the best dressed costumer this Halloween Night. Now listen, don’t come as some blood soaked, knife toting, serial killer. Last time I checked, murderers don’t worship Jesus! Other hints…Satan doesn’t worship Jesus, and neither do demons. So nothing stupid like that! Lastly, be modest and appropriate for real! Oh my gosh…how did Halloween become a day to get away with wearing as little clothes as possible? But seriously, anything else is pretty much fair game. Have fun with it. Go all out. Let’s see what you got!

4. Halloween Candy: Because we know you came to CBSM and might have missed out on terrorizing little kids while trick-or-treating (good choice), we want to congratulate you on your wise decision and give you free Halloween Candy at the end of the service. You’ll be leaving with a handful fo sho!

5. As always, we’ll have our rockin CBSM worship band leading the music, and I’ll spend some time speaking from God’s Word. You will not want to miss this talk that God has given me for you, for real! It will apply to everybody: Christians and non-Christians. Church goers and newbies. Whoever, just come, bring your friends, and hear this. We won’t run out of room. We have seats for about 250. Let’s pack it out!

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