Bringing THE CHURCH Back 2 Life: The Church at Corinth

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teens, etc:
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Study Summary:
I have seen my fair share of Youth Ministries Gone Wild. I remember one white water rafting trip I preached at… I met a 13 year old girl there who acted like it was normal she had 3 different online identities. One being a woman in her 20’s, another as a woman in her 30’s, and another a woman in her 40’s. All to play with the minds of men! But I’ll never forget preaching my heart out on the Gospel the last night. And at the end of the sermon during the invitation, a girl raised her hand to ask “Can we just go back to our cabins now?”

I want to encourage you that as we look at Corinth “Sin City” and the Corinthian church “The Church Gone Wild”, that we can’t forget about our own sinfulness and just put blame and shame on them. We have our own struggles. I have my own problems. We deal with our own sin. Jesus is the hero, and we are the failures apart from him. Here we go…

The city of Corinth was one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire. It had 3 ports there, so ships would come in from around the world with merchandise, culture, and new ways of life. This made the city of Corinth ridiculously sinful. Such as, it is said that within the governmental laws and cultural traditions was idol worship of many different gods and religions. It was encouraged! The most popular religion in Corinth was sex. There was a temple there to offer worship to Aphrodite by having sex with one or more of 1,000 priestesses. I guarantee you no dude missed worship for golf in that religion!

The Apostle Paul came to Corinth and stayed for about 18 months. After reasoning with the Jews in the local synagogues about Jesus and getting no where, Paul went next door to start a Bible study. The Bible study exploded, and many were saved including the ruler of the synagogue who came over, listened, and believed the gospel. So the church at Corinth was planted!

After leaving once his 18 months were completed, Paul got some reports that the church of Corinth was really struggling in their sexual culture. So Paul wrote them a letter on all that which preceded 1 Corinthians. The church wrote him back with all kinds of questions, issues, and problems. So Paul decided to sit down and write them a very lengthy letter on how to apply the wisdom and power of the gospel to every area of their life (1 Cor 1:24). Paul spiritually punched them in the throat and threw down on them when it came to church arguments, divisions, fighting, squabbles, sex, idolatry, marriages falling apart, humility, service, spiritual gifts, love, and doubt in the resurrection.

I hope you find this study helpful!

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