Jacob Fowler’s Church Planting Blog

This is the blog of former CBSM student, intern, guest preacher, etc: Jacob Fowler. God has called him to Chicago for an intense church planting internship. We CBSM’ers absolutely love church planting, and pray for many more of our students to get involved somehow someday. I think this is a very real, raw, and genuine post written by Jacob. Read it prayerfully for him, for Mosaic Church Chicago, and for the gospel to be planted in great power there!

Jacob Fowler

1.  Church planting is hard.  No really, if you have never done it before, I want you to take all the romantic ideas that you have about Church planting in you head and throw them out.  The great thing about it though, is that through difficulty beauty can still exist and lives are still transformed.

2.  Prayer is 100x’s more important than you think it is.  Before moving I knew that prayer was important, I mean I prayed… a little.  However, now I can see that there is no greater endeavor that a Church planter can embark on than to pray.  If we are ever going to see a true Church Planting Movement in America, we are first going to have to see a movement of pray among American Christians.  Simply ask yourself, do you weep over your city?  How could you ever expect to see something change that you…

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