CBSM Series Re-Launch: “Bringing THE CHURCH Back To Life”

CBSM and Friends! We’re going to re-launch our current series as “Bringing THE CHURCH Back to Life.” How are we going to do this? I’m glad you asked!

First of all we’re going to serve a Chips N Salsa Buffet from 6:00 – 6:25pm so yall can come early and hang out. Free drinks too, yall! Then we’re going to be looking at each of the different churches in NT as we look at each NT book as a whole each week. In other words, this Wednesday we’re going to look at the Church at Rome from the whole book of Romans. What was Rome like during that time? What was the church going through? What made Paul write what he wrote? Why did the Holy Spirit have Paul write those specific truths, topics, themes, etc? What does it all mean for our church and our Christian lives today? We want to bring the Church at Rome back to life so that God can continue to bring our church lives and relationships back to life!

So here’s what you do, copy and paste the link of this blog article and put it on your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, Pintrest, and MySpace if you’re still lame enough to have that one! Get the word out. Flood the social media world. Invite and bring friends like never before. Let’s bring our church lives, relationships, and experiences back to life!

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