The Macro-View of: THE CHURCH (Revelation – Genesis)

There is no sermon video for this specific sermon. Sorry yall!
1 – The Church – Macro-View (mp3).mp3
1 – The Church – Macro-View (handout).pdf
1 – The Church – Macro-View (notes).doc
1 – The Church – Macro-View (ppt).ppt
1 – The Church – Macro-View (service order).doc
1 – The Church – Macro-View (small groups).doc
There is nothing like going to a college football game! Having to park 2 miles away. Everyone dressed in the same colors. Walking through the tailgating smells of grilled meats and the glows of satellite TV’s. Feeling the energy as you enter the stadium. Experiencing a common bond with thousands of others during the game. Cheering as loud as you can and going crazy and no one thinking a thing about it! And its all ultimately about what? You got it! 22 men on a field in super tight, shiny pants that make skinny jeans look like hipsters are sagging. All with the goal of moving an inflated leather bladder across a line of paint? Don’t get me wrong, I love college football! I’m just saying…college football ain’t got nothing on God’s goal for the church! The energy, the passion, the commonality, the emotion, the excitement, the bond, the message, and the outcome. We’re talking a gathering of people hyped up because the God-man stepped into their world to save them. So here’s a study to get you excited about the church by sharing the same view and passion that Jesus has for His church!

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