Patrick McGoldrick Speaks to CBSM Tonight: May 9

I recently wrote an article and about my good friend and youth ministry mentor, Patrick McGoldrick who has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease):. After he preached one of the most gospel-centered and God-glorifying sermons I’ve ever heard, one of our youth leaders (Dan Munoz) gave me the idea of asking Patrick to come speak for CBSM. Why did I not think of that? I knew it would be a crazy shot in the dark to get Patrick to Alabama with many churches calling him to speak, his important family time, etc. But we offered him the opportunity, and he graciously took us up on it. He said he wants to see CBSM in action, and of course we want to hear his heart as he preaches God’s Word to us.

We are unbelievably honored to have him as our guest preacher in this Wednesday night. We are inviting all our middle school students, high school students, and all their 6th – 12th grade friends to join us in this epic event. This is THE OPPORTUNITY to invite your unbelieving/unchurched friends, or your friends who are having a hard time trusting God as they are going through difficult times. Patrick will be sharing his salvation testimony and encouraging us how we can trust God even when times are really rough.

It is this Wednesday, May 9 @ 6:30pm. Show up early and grab a hotdog for .50 and some other snacks if you need it. Come chill with us early, and worship Jesus with us at 6:30pm. Of course our CBSM band will be rocking out some praise songs as usual!

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