Following Jesus: As The King (Luke 11:14-23)

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, etc:
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8 – Following Jesus – King (handout).pdf
8 – Following Jesus – King (ppt).ppt
8 – Following Jesus – King (notes).doc
8 – Following Jesus – King (service order).doc
8 – Following Jesus – King (small groups).doc
Elvis may be the King of Rock. Michael Jackson may have been the King of Pop. Lebron may be known as King James. But Jesus is the King of Kings! Jesus has absolute rule, power, and authority over absolutely everything. We even see in Scripture how He has power over things that humanity could only dream to have power over: creation, demons, disease, and death. This study has been so powerful for CBSM as we’ve taken a look at Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King…and how we are gifted to be like Him in our lives in each of those areas. In fact, we are all most like Him in one of those areas than another. If you’re a youth pastor, Christian school teacher, small group leader, etc…I would highly encourage you to go through this study of Prophet, Priest, and King like those who have taught us to think: Mark Driscoll, John Frame, The Resurgence, Etc.

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