Following Jesus: As The High Priest

Free resources for youth pastors and small group leaders:
7 – Following Jesus – Priest.mp3
7 – Following Jesus – Priest (handout).pdf
7 – Following Jesus – Priest (ppt).ppt
7 – Following Jesus – Priest (notes).doc
7 – Following Jesus – Priest (service order).doc
7 – Following Jesus – Priest (small groups).doc
This whole study on Jesus being The Prophet, Priest, and King is absolutely blowing my mind! Is incredible to see how it took three different offices/positions with hundreds of men and thousands of years to give us just a glimpse of Jesus’ three main roles on earth. You may need to read that a couple of times to let it sink in! In this sermon, we finished up real quick up how Jesus is The Great Prophet and how we can be prophets like Him and for Him. Then we got into the priesthood. What were the main roles of the OT priests? How does Jesus complete and fulfill their office as the final High Priest? And finally, how can we be more priestly like Jesus?

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