CBSM Christmas Mission: Salvation Army Angel Tree

CBSM! Christmas is all about God giving us His Son. Jesus giving us His life. Us believing the gospel. And us giving back to others because of these awesome truths! Christmas is NOT about getting, but it is all about giving. So here’s what we got…
1. Each of our small groups have been assigned a “Salvation Army Angel” each.
2. Salvation Army Angels are kids in our area that are in desperate need.
3. We want you to buy a $5 or more gift for your angel.
4. Follow the instructions we give you very closely on what to do and not to do.
5. Work as a small group to get them the best gifts possible.
6. Bring those gifts to our CBSM Christmas Partay on Wed, Dec. 14.
7. Write your angels a card of encouragement that you’re praying for them.
8. In your card, share with them your salvation testimony and the full gospel.
9. In your card, invite them to come to Capshaw anytime.
10. Be praying for your angel on a regular basis.

Here are more instructions you need to know:
The Salvation Army Angels Guidelines.doc
Student Angel Letter.doc

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