Angels, Satan, and Demons: Q & A

Free downloads for youth pastors and small group leaders:
6 – Q and A (mp3)
6 – Q & A (small groups).pdf
6 – Q & A (summaries).pdf
6 – Q & A (worship night).pdf
Here is the final installment of our CBSM study on Angels, Satan, and Demons. We finished it all off with a Q & A. Many students texted in their questions. Many wrote them down on paper. And there were even small groups that turned in lists of questions to be asked. It was a really fun night to where I really had to be on my toes. There were questions I had no clue about an answer. There were questions that I had to look up answers. And every question got a biblical basis. Here are some of the questions we got that I took a shot at for an answer:

1. Can Satan read our thoughts?
2. If God is all-knowing, then why did He create Satan in the first place…and allow him to become evil?
3. Do people who go to hell become demons?
4. Can demons materialize and take on human form?
5. Are there such things as guardian angels? If so, is there one for every Christian?
6. Can a Christian be demon possessed?
7. Why did one-third of angels follow Satan instead of doing what they were created to do (worship Jesus)?
8. How was God made?
9. If sin did not enter the world until the fall of Satan, then how did Satan fall if there was no sin?
10. What did I learn most from this series on angels, Satan, and demons?

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