Angels, Satan, and Demons: Questions and Answers

Free resources for youth pastors and small group leaders:
6 – Q & A (small groups).pdf
1 – This Means War (handout – answers).pdf
2 – Angels (handout – answers).pdf
3 – Satan Identity (handout – answers).pdf
4 – Satan Strategy (handout – answers).pdf
All Angels, Satan, and Demons blog posts:

CBSM Small Group Leaders:
This Sunday morning will be our preparation for our Q & A that night. Please go over the short summary in the Q&A pdf above with your students. On the topics that your small group asks more questions about, then please use the additional handouts from our series. I have filled in all the answers for you. Please print all 6 of these out, be familiar with them, and lead a discussion that comes up with some good questions referring to Satan, Angels, and Demons. Encourage the students to write down their questions, put them in their Bibles, and bring the questions with them on Sunday night for the Q & A. The Q & A is for both high school and middle school. It will be a combined service since there is no Wednesday night service this week due to the Shane and Shane concert. I can’t wait to hear all the questions and study the Bible with your students concerning them!

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