Angels, Satan, and Demons: The Strategy of Satan

Free resources for youth pastors and small group leaders:
4 – Satan Strategy (mp3)
4 – Satan Strategy (handout).pdf
4 – Satan Strategy (ppt)
4 – Satan Strategy (outline).doc
4 – Satan Strategy (service order).doc
4 – Satan Strategy (small groups).doc
What if America knew Osama’s strategy for September 11 before it happened? Would we not be able to stop the hijacking terrorists? What if we as Christians knew exactly what Satan’s strategy was to get us to sin, take our eyes off of Jesus, and follow him as the devil? What if God has revealed all of Satan’s dirty little secrets and spoiled his tempting surprises? Guess what?! He has! This message is all about making us more aware of what Satan is up to, and how to figure out exactly how he’s tempting us in our lives. Check it out!

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