Angels, Satan, and Demons: This Means War

Free downloads for youth pastors and small group leaders:
1 – This Means War (mp3).mp3
1 – This Means War (handout).pdf
1 – This Means War (ppt).ppt
1 – This Means War (notes).doc
1 – This Means War (notes).doc
1 – This Means War (small groups).doc
1 – This Means War (service order).doc
It was NO mistake that our Back To School Bash event and our new series on Angels, Satan, and Demons collided together on the same night. Our B2SB event is one of our biggest events of the whole year. We had over 100 middle schoolers and over 200 high schoolers for these two crazy services. We wanted to do a topic that would create some serious interest and intrigue to keep the teens coming back. And of course as always…we believe that the doctrine of Angels, Satan, and Demons ultimately points us to Jesus. Check out the downloads to see how this fascinating doctrine is really all about the supremacy of Christ!

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