We Are C.B.S.M. (Back to School Sermon)

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God directed me to preach this week on “We Are CBSM.” It had a little “We are Marshall” flare to it. Here’s why I believe God wanted it. Every fall, as all the students are going back to school, more teens than ever decide to give the church one more chance. We want to be well aware of that, so we normally use that Wednesday night to tell those students who we are and what we’re all about (JESUS!). I’m amazed at all that God is doing! Over 3 years ago now we had about 60 students in all. Over 3 years ago we had around 90. Over two years ago we had about 140. Last January we topped about about 170. God has given us so much growth that we’ve had to go to 2 CBSM services (middle and high school separated). So this week, with both services combined, we had just barely under 200 teenagers! It was an absolute honor to talk about who are as CBSM (Capshaw. Baptist. Student. Ministry). Youth pastors, I would highly recommend that every August and January you take a week or two to recast your vision as a student ministry, strategically speak to your guests and visitors, and watch God get them on board for the glory of His Kingdom. And praise God…we had around 6 teens give their lives to Jesus last night!

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