What This Church Is All About (by Munoz and Mize)

David Munoz wrote this rap while on a mission trip that was focused on church planting. He wrote it on what his church plant one day would be all about. This is literally one of the best raps I’ve ever read in my enter life. Move over Lecrae, Tedashi, Trip Lee, KB, and Flame. David Munoz is on the scene. Keith Mize is also featured here. Jason Cunningham is skiddle-dee-dooing some riffs on the electric. And Michael Harris is our bobble head in the bottom right corner. Check it out, and get a taste of what’s going down on Wednesday nights at CBSM. We are so Jesus chill! I could not be more impressed with everything that God is doing in the lives of these students, all that they are learning, how they are growing, and how they are centering it all on Jesus! Here are the lyrics to David’s sick rhyme.

This church is all about Jesus
and the way He was killed
the way He rose from the grave
bein’ so Spirit filled
Then ascended into heaven
leavin’ us to do His will
so now we’re singin’ at the Crossroads
bein’ so Jesus-chill

(Verse 1)
At first we might not have all the lights
but just like Angry Birds
you know we gonna be real tight
we might be unlike everybody else alone
witnessin’ on the the Vegas strip
without our cell phones
No distractions! We know the code
it’s not about the salary
it’s all about reality
cause Jesus is LORD
preachin’ the story, praisin’ raisin’ our hands up
and celebrating the Messisah because Jesus is enough

Who is the dude anyway? He’s really kind of quiet
but not submissive or defenseless, because His teachings could start riots
He outwits the Pharisees and shows them their hypocrisy
performs miracles and signs, both are something that you oughta see
100% God, 100% man, you better make Him Lord while you can
because you’re about to miss the bus
when the King comes back all tatted up
it’ll be too late to gain His trust


(Verse 2)
Now all this sin is real sick
it’s more childish than a trike
this city’s in it real thick, we gotta bring em the light
we gotta be a Christ-centered, Bible-based church
focusin’ on Acts 1:8 not leavin’ Jesus in the lurch
we gotta get our Bibles and preach
not beatin’ em over the head
but showin’ them without the light of Christ
you are eternally dead
in all the movies Las Vegas
is the place for the heist
but now you gonna see
that it’s about to be
the place where we
are glorifying Christ

(Chorus x2)

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