CBSM Game Time: Light-Saber Epic Battles

We absolutely love this game at CBSM! Start your game off with this Light-Saber Intro Video. Then show the students how to do it. They grasp their enemy/opponents hand, and point out their index finger as their light-saber. All they have to do is touch their partner with their one light-saber anywhere on their body (except for their arm from their elbow to their hand on their light saber arm…that would be so cheap). Run 30 second light-saber battle rounds. Guys play guys, and girls play against girls. At the end of each round, losers sit and winners play each other until it dwindles down to the 2 championship rounds of the guy pair and girl pair. Play this mp3 to spice up your light-saber battles to epic proportions!
Star Wars Light Saber Battle Song.mp3

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