REBUK’D: Rebuke and Repentance by David Munoz (Jeremiah 21-29)

Free resources for youth pastors, small leaders, parents, and teens:
4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (mp3)
4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (handout).pdf
4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (ppt).ppt
4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (David sermon notes).doc
4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (service).doc

David Munoz (CBSM & Sparkman Junior) absolutely LIT IT ON FIRE last night with his sermon on Rebuke and Repentance. This whole REBUK’D series has been building up to this point in the book where Jeremiah just unleashes on God’s people and starts rebuking everyone for their sin. David talks about the four different groups of people that Jeremiah rebukes, how Jesus fulfilled Jeremiah’s ministry of rebuke, and how we need to rebuke others just like Jesus. I wonder if there is this much sin in our own lives, our own families, and our own churches because we aren’t bold enough to rebuke others and not humble enough to receive rebuke from them? But honestly, the problem is that we don’t take sin as seriously as God takes it. If we took sin as seriously as Him (who killed His own Son for the payment for our sin), then we would rebuke each other, hold each other accountable, and repent of sin. So check out David’s sermon. This biblical concept that he is communicating would change every single student ministry out there for the glory of Christ…if our students would live it out!

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