Youth Group Games: CBSM Game Time

I recently saw that “GAMES” is the most searched word on the internet when it comes to youth ministry. So I am going to try to start listing all of our youth group games that we do every week on the blog in order to be a free resources and blessing to other youth pastors. Here’s the game we played last week:

TUGGLE WAR: Tuggle War is a one on one kind of game. The students spread their feet shoulder-width apart. They face their partner, and they lock their right hands together. When the leader says go, they use that one hand locked with their opponent to push, pull, and yank their partner off their balance. The first one to move or shift their feet from the very spots they are standing in…LOSES. You cannot use your other hand or any other part of your body whatsoever to touch your opponent. The object is to get the other person to move, shift, or lift a food to put them out. We usually run one quick practice round. Then we go for real. The winners of the first round find another opponent from the other winners, and you keep playing out each round until you have an ultimate winner. We only let each round go about 30 seconds. We play high energy music during the rounds. And everyone has a blast. That is our CBSM Game Time: Tuggle War!

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