Slavery: A Quick Look Biblically

A class of 10th graders all had to write the same paper in their school on slavery. So, I got to meet with about 10 of them to discuss why slavery happens and what to think about it biblically. Here’s a quick look at what I told them:

“First of all…we are all slaves no matter what. We naturally don’t like the sound of that at all. We cringe at hearing we’re a slave to something or someone because of our pride. We desperately want to be independent, we want to be self-autonomous, but the truth is…we are not. We are created to always be serving a master. This is why Jesus says that no man can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). He knows that we’re always serving someone through something. Paul says in Romans 6:6 that we are born into slavery. We are slaves of Satan and his evil kingdom of sinfulness. Later in that chapter, Paul calls Satan our master. But Paul also says that we can transfer kingdoms, and become slaves to Jesus…slaves of His righteousness (Rom 6:18-23).

I believe the reason that this country and world has had and still has such a HUGE problem with slavery is because people are just responding to their own personal slavery under Satan. The enslavement of sin is tyrannical. But the enslavement of Christ is freedom! Our slavery to sin is natural, but our slavery to Christ comes through salvation.

So in conclusion, all human slavery (owning human beings as possession for sinful gain or purpose) is always wrong, and is simply being patterned after their own slavery under Satan. While serving one another in love, helping each other out, and serving Jesus out of His grace…that comes from the Christian’s experience of God’s gracious freedom and love in which we get to serve Him!”

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