SEX TALK: The Book of Song of Solomon

Free downloads for youth pastors and small group leaders:
1 – Sex Talk – SOS (mp3)
1 – Sex Talk – SOS (sermon notes)
1 – Sex Talk – SOS (service)
Sermon Intro Video:
Our book for the month of February “just happened” (in a Divinely sovereign way) to land on Song of Solomon. Bonus! I “just happened” (in a Divinely sovereign way) to be out of town for a conference on the night of this new series start, so our much wiser senior pastor came in to deliver the message “SEX TALK” to our students. He absolutely tore it up. The students loved it. They said, “It was AWESOME!” “It was HILARIOUS!” “It was AWKWARD!” I’m so thankful for a senior pastor who loves teenagers, and who is sincere enough to talk with them about anything. We went super straight-forward with this talk, because the teenagers need to hear it. So feel free to check out how he handled “SEX TALK” to a ton of teens.

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