CBSM Student Internship

Here’s what a student internship looks like at CBSM. This spring (January – May), we have two students who are seniors in high school, and they want to volunteer their time to get some experience in the ministry of the church. Here’s what we have lined up for them.

Spring 2011 CBSM Student Internship:
Write sermon weekly 3 hrs
Meet with Chip on Tuesday at 1pm to talk about sermon/service 1 hr
Read a chapter a week in “Simple Student Ministry” 1 hr
Schedule 1 hour of volunteer service per week with one staff member 1 hr
Take one student out a week (7th – 9th grader) 1 hr
Once a month small group visit (7th – 11th grades) 1 hr
1 – 3 hours a week miscellaneous ministry needs 1-3hrs
10 hours/week

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