CBSM 2011 Event Calendar

CBSM, here is your 2011 event calendar. I’m putting all of the major dates below, and all of the other stuff you’ll find in the document attached below. Make sure and reserve your calendars for all these dates on your iCals, blackberrys, iPhones, iPads, iPods, droids, laptops, google calendars, etc.
Event Calendar CBSM 2011 (doc)

Jan 12: Free Pizza Night
Jan 14-17: CBSM Ski Trip
Jan 23: Pick Your SMT
Jan 28-29: Creation Musuem Trip??
Jan 30: Small Group Leaders Lunch
Feb 6: Super Bowl Parties in Homes
Mar 2-6: Global Impact Missions Conference
May 22: Senior Graduation Sunday and Luncheon
Jun 6-11: CBSM Beach Camp
Jun 20-24: Capshaw VBS
July 9-16: CBSM ADVANCE Mission Trip to San Diego
Aug 14: New 7th Grader Luncheon
Aug 24: CBSM Back 2 School Bash
Sept 9-10: CBSM Small Group Leader Retreat
Oct 2-5: Capsahw HarvestFEST
Nov ???: DNOW Weekend (TBD)

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