CBSM Service: “CBSM in 2011” (Acts 2:36-47)

CBSM in 2011 (mp3)
CBSM in 2011 (handout)
CBSM in 2011 (ppt)
CBSM in 2011 (outline)
CBSM in 2011 (service)
CBSM in 2011 (small groups)
Imagine 150ish teenagers getting together to go crazy in worshiping Jesus and then to get quiet in hearing from His Word. Our night together in Acts 2 was insane! At the start of the new year, I believed God was leading us to take a look at the start of His church in Acts 2, and then the start of our year as a student ministry in 2011. Listen in to see what we believe are God’s plans for CBSM in 2011.

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