storyline #92: Proverbs 21-31 “Get Smart: Introducing the People of Proverbs”

Free files for student pastors and small group leaders:
3 – Proverbs 21-31 – Names (mp3)
3 – Proverbs 21-31 – Names (handout)
3 – Proverbs 21-31 – Names (ppt)
3 – Proverbs 21-31 – Names (sermon notes)
3 – Proverbs 21-31 – Names (service)
3 – Proverbs 21-31 – Names (small groups)
Last night was our CBSM Iron Bowl 3. All of our students came in their Alabama or Auburn apparel…sporting their team colors. Bama sat on one side and Auburn sat on the other side. It was one of our highest attended nights ever. We played Bama vs. Auburn games like: best student section, best dressed team, best dressed fan, best touchdown dance, and best locker room half-time speech. The students did GREAT, but what I love about our ministry most is that…our students got way more passionate and pumped during the times of worship over the times of the games. The sang their hearts out to Jesus in songs like “One Name Under Heaven, Salvation is Here, and With Everything.” And I was overwhelmed with the response from our sermon last night on Proverbs 21-31. One girl received Christ through the gospel. Another girl came so close, but wasn’t quite ready. Many expressed their conviction of sin. And overall…Jesus was glorified and magnified. Praise God for a strong night at CBSM!

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