The CBSM Update: Weekly News and Announcements

CBSM students, parents, and small group leaders:

Report on Last Wednesday: We had one of our strongest nights ever last Wednesday. If you weren’t there, I wish you could have heard the students pour out their hearts to Jesus while singing “From the Inside Out” and “Our God Reigns” after hearing a message on Proverbs 10-20. The message was explaining why Proverbs is written in such a random way…because life is so incredibly random…and we have to be on our toes and think fast to live for Jesus on a moment by moment basis. Get this…God used our students to bring in 154 teenagers to worship Jesus. Ridiculous!

This Wednesday night, we’re going to have our “CBSM IRON BOWL 3”! All students, come in wearing your favorite college’s colors. We’ll put BAMA on one side and AUBURN on the other. If you’re for another college team, then you’ll try to get persuaded to one side or the other. We’ll have some crazy Bama vs. Auburn games, and then of course we’ll finish up our series through the book of Proverbs “GET SMART” with a sermon on all the different names in Proverbs, how to identify which one you are, and how to become more wise in life like and for Jesus. Keep praying for, texting, facebooking, and inviting every friend you can think of to join us on the life-changing Wednesday nights of worship and the Word!

NETMA is attached for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out the Reading Plan for this week.
11.14.10 NETMA Newsletter (pdf)

Here’s what you need to know for this week…

STORYLINE Wednesday Worship (6:00 – 8:00pm)
This Wednesday, we’re finishing our new series on the Book of Proverbs called “GET SMART.” We’ve put together videos, built a new stage-set, and studied like crazy to make this series everything God wants it to be to see student’s lives changed for Christ!

FRAMEWORK Sunday School (9:15 – 10:15am)
This Sunday, we will all meet in the student building at 9:15am for announcements and then we’ll all go to our designated small group rooms for fun, fellowship, and discussion on what God has done in our lives the past week through the daily reading of His Word and from the teaching on Wednesday night.

STUDENT MINISTRY TEAMS (SMTs) Sunday Evening (6:30 – 7:30pm)
This Sunday night, we will not have any SMT’s since we are having a church-wide dinner for Thanksgiving. Make sure to come to this, and bring your family. Even if you’re a visitor or member of Capshaw… everyone is invited to this best. meal. ever.

This Saturday November 20: CBSM BonFire Fest. We’ll meet up at the CBSM student building around 5pm. We’ll all walk together to a secret place to eat some seriously good fall foods and play some old-school games, then we’ll walk over to a ginormous bonfire with even more awesome food, fun, and just sweet as all get-out fellowship together. All your friends are invited! Don’t miss this!

Wednesday, December 15th: CBSM Christmas Partay. We’ll meet up at the CBSM student building by 6:30pm to go over some Christmas carols, and then we’ll hit up all the neighborhoods and houses surrounding our church for a local-mission trip by canvassing the near-by community with Christmas carols all about Christ! Then we’ll meet back up in the FLC (Gym) for some good-ole Christmas grub, and a Christmas game where you’ll go home with a Christmas gift. All your friends are invited. Don’t miss it!

January 14-17: CBSM SKI TRIP 2011. Reserve this date on your calendar as we’ll be going to SUGAR MOUNTAIN in Boone, North Carolina to ski it up! Registration is now closed. If you’re going…your remaining balance of $250 is due BY Wednesday, December 8. And our mandatory Ski Trip meeting for everyone going is Sunday, December 5. The full $350 cost includes two days of skiing, basic/necessary rentals, lift tickets, transportation, all meals once in NC, and your official CBSM Ski Trip tshirt. Students will need to pay for 2 meals going up and 2 meals coming home. We will have small group Bible studies at night.

BLOG: Check out our blog ( to hear past messages, to watch several weekly videos, to read Chip’s weekly thoughts, etc. You can subscribe to the blog once you’re on there by entering in your email address to the subscription bar on the right side of the page. You can also check out our brand spanking new feature…watching our sermons on video! Our test sermon is on the blog so just go there, scroll down, and press play to check it out.

iTUNES: iTunes has now been updated and all messages through the PROVERBS: GET SMART are on there! To subscribe, simply click:

TXT MSG: If you want to receive pastor Chip’s CBSM Text Msgs, then just text him your first and last name @ (256) 777-3055…and you’ll hear from him regularly with CBSM announcements.

YOUTUBE: Go to youtube and search “cbsmMEDIA” for all our new CBSM videos or just copy and paste this link.

SERMON VIDEOS: Go to this site and check ‘em out for yourself!

FACEBOOK: Make sure to join our CBSM Facebook Page by simply searching “CBSM Facebook” in your facebook search bar.

Only by His grace,
Chip Dean
Student Ministries Pastor

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